Dear Colleages

Dr. Claudia Arias President 36th World Congress of Internal Medicine

On behalf of the International Society of Internal Medicine and the Internal Medicine Society of the Dominican Republic, I would like to invite you to join us at the 36th World Congress of Internal Medicine, which will take place on February 5/9, 2023, at the Punta Cana International Convention Center (ICC Punta Cana) Dominican Republic, a heavenly region in the world.

Organizing WCIM2023 represents an honor and a great opportunity to show the international community the excellent development and progress of our country.

Punta Cana’s strategic geographic location provides easy access for WCIM 2023 participants from North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

During these days we will be able to share, as a great family of internists, the most up-to-date information on the different pathologies that surround the development of our medical practice, through a great academic scientific program supported by expert speakers from the international community who will share your knowledge with us.

This program will be expressed in dynamic avant-garde and up-to-date content, presented in simultaneous and plenary sessions, important workshops and symposiums and meetings with the experts without neglecting clinical research.

We will offer again the human warmth that characterizes us as a region at the caribbean sea. We had to adapt to the times that we have had to live since the end of 2019 and everything that has happened to date, since we have had to learn to live with an invisible enemy, but very powerful the Covid-19 that has reduced populations, collapsed health services, impacted the world economy and made us feel the pain of seeing loved ones leave, great friends, taught us the real meaning of the word luxury that It is not having material things, but missing physical contact with the people we love, hugs, family meals, meetings with friends and valuing freedom in its fairest dimension.

But despite all this, we face the challenge of complying by giving the best of ourselves, with our professional practice, honoring the Hippocratic Oath, serving our countries and patients, which are the reason we exist as doctors.

The World Congress represents not only acquiring new knowledge but also a reunion and it could not be in a better place than a beautiful island located on the same path as the sun, possessing great talents, art, culture, friendly people, beautiful sunrises and sunsets in a sea of pristine water, who hopes to receive you with open arms and give you our best hug.

Let’s enjoy our Congress

Welcome everyone.

with affection

Dr. Claudia Arias

President 36th World Congress of Internal Medicine